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How can Uptown hold on to its affordability?

A luxury developer sets its sights on renovating the neighborhood’s historic buildings.

What Chicago renters need to know during the coronavirus pandemic

We’ve compiled resources and answers for renters and homeowners most urgent concerns.

As a protective measure, Chicago shelters homeless people in hotels with plans for more

"Stopping the outbreak in Chicago’s homeless population has been one of the most challenging aspects of this response," said Dr. Allison Arwady.

Chicago and coronavirus: Life in the city during stay-at-home orders

How 6 Chicagoans are coping.

Chicago told landlords to ‘show grace.’ Organizers say that’s not enough.

The Autonomous Tenants Union and 45 other groups are demanding local leaders enact a rent freeze.

Where to go and what to do during Chicago’s coronavirus outbreak

Illinois issued a ‘stay-at-home’ order—here’s what you should know.

Revisit these 8 Curbed Chicago stories that have nothing to do with coronavirus

Highly coveted homes, beautiful historic interiors, and an illustrated architecture guide.

Cubs player Jason Kipnis buys $2.8 million mansion in Old Town

This is the athlete’s third property in the Chicago area.

As coronavirus spreads in Chicago, how will it impact the real estate market?

The effects of COVID-19 on homebuying and selling are uncertain. "Time will tell," says one Chicago realtor.

This stream has:

Coronavirus and shelter-in-place impact in Chicago

How the novel coronavirus is affecting housing, transit, and more. Plus, tips on how manage at home.

What it’s like to live in a dorm-like coliving building amid coronavirus

How does shared-space living work in the middle of a pandemic? That’s what coliving tenants are figuring out now.

How city officials propose to preserve Woodlawn’s affordable housing

A new ordinance aims to protect homeowners and renters

How Chicago plans to help more homeless youth

The initiative will also increase the supply of affordable housing across Chicago.

Chicago makes progress on reducing carbon emissions

Will we reach our 2025 sustainability goals?

How to brave the brutal winter like a real Chicagoan

City resources to skillfully handle the cold season.

How to start composting at home in Chicago

Reduce your impact on the environment in 2020.

In Chicago, climate change makes it harder to effectively protect the lakefront

The first major storm this year pounded the lakefront.

It’s still cheaper to rent than buy in Chicago

But rents are increasing faster than wages.

‘Windy City Rehab’ hosts sued over leaky Lincoln Square home

The popular show got into trouble with the city last year for improper permits and other building violations.

Don’t throw out your Christmas tree in the alley. Turn it into mulch for a Chicago park.

Recycle your tree!

Curbed Chicago’s top stories of 2019

How neighborhoods got named. A guide to Chicago architecture styles. Transformational megadevelopments.

5 projects that will change Chicago in the next decade

Between the mayoral election and a slew of new initiatives, Chicago had a watershed year.

Why Chicago’s 2020 Census matters for vulnerable neighborhoods

"Stand up, fight back, be counted," Lightfoot said

How Chicago can improve its transportation for people with disabilities

Accessible transportation is an "uncoordinated patchwork" according to a new report.

Global climate coalition selects Loop site for ambitious carbon-neutral redevelopment

Architects will pitch sustainable development projects as part of the global design competition.

What Chicago’s new budget plan means for homeowners and housing

There’s a higher tax on home sales, but no property tax increase.

The best places to explore this holiday season in Chicago

Here’s where to find the holiday magic.

Tax revenue should go to affordable housing, not megadevelopments, aldermen say

A group of progressive aldermen are calling for TIF reform and a fairer distribution of its revenue.

Where is Chicago’s affordable housing? A new city tool details data from the last decade

Datasets show where the city needs to improve the Affordable Housing Ordinance.

Early November snow freezes commutes, delays trains, cancels more than 800 flights

Snow this early on makes getting around the city a bit more difficult.

More money for arts in Chicago neighborhoods will be ‘powerful,’ the mayor says

Half of the increase will go to underserved neighborhoods.

A Queen Anne built in 1892 will become landmark in Irving Park

It was owned by the investor John Nuveen

Chicago struggles to find reliable, accessible polling places

There could be fewer places to vote for the 2020 election.

Chicago is a dangerous place for migrating birds. Here’s how you can help.

See an injured or dead bird? Ring the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors.

Chicago will help low-income homeowners struggling with utility bills

Clean water is basic human right for all residents, officials said.

An unexpected win in 11-day teachers’ strike? Help for homeless students

More resources and early intervention for vulnerable students.

Uber, Lyft, and parking meters see higher fees in Chicago’s new budget

Mayor Lightfoot aims to tackle downtown gridlock.

Chicago’s budget proposes aggressive analysis, reforms to TIF districts for developments

‘The days of the TIF slush fund are over,’ says Lightfoot.

Protecting the lakefront from high water and erosion could cost billions

Chicagoans can expect a nasty winter ahead when it comes to waves and flooding.