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Lucas Museum

Rejected by Chicago, George Lucas museum gets approved by Los Angeles council

The filmmaker claimed that he and spouse Mellody Hobson were "heartbroken" after Chicagoans "said no" to the project.

Lucas Museum president sells Lincoln Park mansion at a loss

Lucas Museum boss Don Bacigalupi has formally ditched his Chicago house.

Developer wanted Lucas Museum at former US Steel South Works site

A recent dump of private emails from Mayor Emanuel has given the public a view into the Lucas Museum quagmire, including a message from developer Dan McCaffery.

Architect asks Lucas to reconsider museum plan for Chicago

Michael Sorkin, a New York-based architect, is asking Lucas and Hobson to reconsider their decision to leave Chicago and to build a "Museum Campus South" at the former U.S. Steel site on the far South Side.

Alternative Chicago Lucas Museum design breaks cover

While the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts is officially headed to California, the New York branch of OMA released its own conceptual design study for the now-doomed lakefront cultural institution.

George Lucas officially pulls plug on museum plan for Chicago

The Star Wars creator has issued a statement declaring that he and and his wife Mellody Hobson will be looking to build their Lucas Museum of Narrative Art on the West Coast after all.

Friends of the Parks changes tone on Lucas Museum discussion

After nearly two years of fierce of opposition against the idea of building filmmaker George Lucas’ museum on the Chicago lakefront, the nonprofit advocacy group has reportedly changed their tune towards the plan.

Lucas May Move Museum Plan Back to San Francisco

Lucas and wife Mellody Hobson have previously hinted that they may take their $400 million plan elsewhere due to the drawn out legal battle to stop the museum from being built on Chicago's lakefront.

Parks Group Halts Lucas Museum Lawsuit

The Friends of the Parks advocacy group has announced that it has halted its lawsuit against the city of Chicago’s plan allowing Star Wars creator George Lucas to build his controversial art museum at a lakefront site occupied by a parking lot.

Poll: What Should Chicago Do About the Lucas Museum?

As each day passes, the Lucas Museum plan for Chicago seems more and more like a long shot. Is it time to give up on the plan?

Controversial Lucas Museum Plan Commission Hearing: Report

The Lakefront Strikes Back: See the Latest Renderings for the Lucas Museum

Landing The Lucas Museum Represents A Giant Leap Towards Chicago's 2020 Tourism Goals