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Famous Houses

Artistic duplex in Old Town’s historic Carl Street Studios asks $1.5 million

Once a live/work space for artists, the 3,500-square-foot residence is full of bespoke tile work, wood carvings, and stained glass.

Modern condo in the historic Marshall Field Jr. mansion asks $1.6M

Located in the 19th century Chicago landmark, the updated three-bedroom unit offers all the conveniences of a new construction.

Lake Forest’s famous ‘Thorndale Manor’ takes $900K price cut

Designed by Howard Van Doren Shaw in 1916, the sprawling North Shore home features 25 rooms and grounds by landscape architect Jens Jensen.

Modernist house from ‘Ferris Bueller’ undergoing restoration

The A. James Speyer-designed glass house in Highland Park is being restored for another generation.

Postmodern ‘Suburban Village’ designed by Tigerman-McCurry returns

The asking price of this playful and eclectic Highland Park mansion has tumbled more than $600,000 since 2015.

Beverly’s landmarked 1894 ‘French House’ returns with price cut

The historic colonial revival style home was built for the first director of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Rent a four-bedroom apartment in Rogers Park’s cheetah house

This large apartment is move-in ready and can be rented for $2,100 per month.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Ingalls House takes another price reduction

Built in 1909, the architecturally significant home has been searching for a buyer since March of 2015.

Half-floor condo in the original Playboy Mansion takes another major price cut

This spacious unit in Hefner’s former bunny pad has knocked a whopping $1.5 million off its asking price since 2015.

Mr. T’s former North Shore home hits the market asking $7.5M

The Lake Forest location of Mr. T’s infamous ‘tree massacre’ has reentered the market.

Oak Park’s 1896 Simpson Dunlop estate lists for $2.25M

Designed by E.E. Roberts, the handsome home possesses many Victorian characteristics but also takes cues from the Prairie School architectural movement.

$9.45M Schweppe Estate still for sale after two years

The 21,000-square-foot—and reportedly haunted—lakefront mansion hit the market exactly 24 months ago seeking $9,450,000.

The Victorian B&B from ‘Groundhog Day’ is still for sale

The 1895 Queen Anne home could serve as either an inn or private residence. It was featured in 1993 film as the fictitious Cherry Street Inn.

Landmarked Wallace C. Abbott House takes $1M price chop

The Chicago landmarked home was designed by architects Rudolph Dahlgren and Oscar Lievendahl and completed in 1891 for the founder of healthcare giant Abbott Labs.

A restored Oscar Mayer mansion hits the market asking $2.95M

The once dilapidated home has been fully rehabbed

Own Evanston’s ‘house that moved’ for $625K

Purchased by a preservation-minded architect for just $10, this 1928 house gained local notoriety when it was disassembled into three large pieces, placed on trucks, and hauled to a new location in Evanston, Illinois.

Old Irving's historic ‘Ropp-Grabill House’ asks $825K

While real estate agents often toss around the term "historic" with reckless abandon, this lovely 19th-century Italianate in Old Irving Park is the real McCoy and even has a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

Landmark Myron Bachman House returns with some upgrades

The home is being flipped after receiving a few improvements

Enjoy drinks exploring Wright’s Robie House this fall

Providing guests a chance to enjoy live music, sip adult beverages, and snack on hors d’oeuvres while exploring a famoed icon of the Prairie School of architectural design, 'After Hours' is returning to Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House in October.

David Adler-designed Morton Salt Estate returns

After making a huge splash on the market nearly two years ago when the Morton Salt Estate listed for $8.9 million, the palatial mansion has returned once again, this time asking nearly half of its initial price.

Infamous ‘Villa Taj’ Megamansion returns asking $10.95M

The massive 31,000-square-foot home has been polished and renamed

The Evanston house from Sixteen Candles is for sale

The house in north suburban Evanston played a starring role in the hit 1984 coming of age film Sixteen Candles where it was the home of Samantha Baker, a character played by ‘80s pop culture icon Molly Ringwald.

Historic Theurer-Wrigley House gets first price cut

The Wrigley Mansion in Lincoln Park, of the great surviving mansions of Chicago’s gilded age, has just received its first price reduction since it listed in November 2014.

Home from The Fugitive nearing fifth year on the market

The Lincoln Park home that played a key role in the 1993 film The Fugitive has returned to the market once again.

Suburban Bed and Breakfast from Groundhog Day Returns

The classic Victorian mansion that served as the bed and breakfast in the 1993 film Groundhog Day has returned to the market once again, and this time with a much lower asking price and dozens of new photos.

Gold Coast Mansion from 'Webster' Lists for $9.5M

The Chicago house made famous by the popular television show Webster has just hit the market and can be yours for the stately sum of $9.5 million.

Barrington Home from Empire Returns With Price Cut

The massive Barrington mansion that was featured in the hit television series Empire has returned to the market with new photos and a price reduction.

Have Drinks at Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House

Fans of architecture will be able to hang out and have drinks at one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous works starting in April.

A Landmark Victorian Mansion in Ravenswood Lists for $3.5M

Al Capone's First Chicago Home Returns With Big Price Chop

Reel Update: TV Series Empire Home Is Back on the Market

Chicago's Most Adorable Home Can Be Had for $795,000

Own the Old Evanston Home of Circus Magnate Charles Ringling

Lincoln Park's Fugitive House Returns With Same Asking Price

Inside the Real Home From the Hit TV Series Empire

Own the Former Estate of Edward H. Bennett, Co-Author of the 1909 Plan of Chicago

Own the Home from That Failed Ben Affleck Christmas Movie

John Wellborn Root's Row Home Takes a $450K Price Chop

Famed Schweppe Estate Returns to Market With $2M Price Cut