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What to plant in Chicago for a thriving garden this spring

From native landscaping to container gardens and plants with Midwestern sensibilities.

How Chicago’s tool library is helping people love where they live

Embrace the power of DIY

10 Chicago renters’ rights your landlord doesn’t want you to know

Know your rights.

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Should you move to Chicago?

Everything you need to know to help you decide whether to put down roots.

Where to easily donate your unwanted items in Chicago

Don’t have a car? These 8 places offer free pick-ups of bulky items like furniture, books, and appliances.

How to fix anything in your neighborhood

New Year’s resolution: Get things done.

The best websites for renting an apartment in Chicago

Looking for the perfect Chicago rental? Start here.

How to pick a neighborhood in Chicago

First, learn the layout of the city—there’s more than the lakefront—and then figure out what’s important.

The Chicago renters’ guide

From setting a budget to finding the best deals, here’s everything you need to know about renting in Chicago.

Working With an Architect on a Big Renovation

Working with an architect may be unfamiliar territory for many just getting started with their first big renovation. To help answer some of the basics, we reached out to Matt Nardella of moss design.

How to Live Large in a 500 Square Foot Studio Apartment

Here's How to Buy a City-Owned Lot in Englewood for Only $1

How To Handle An Unsatisfactory Hotel Room Like a Pro