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O'Hare Express

Follow the latest news detailing Elon Musk's 12-minute express tunnel from Block 37 to O'Hare airport.

The future of the O’Hare Express looks bleak

The ambitious Chicago project is running out of time and political support.

Musk’s O’Hare Express faces a complicated, uncertain future

Will the $1 billion tunnel project survive a post-Emanuel City Hall?

Chicago officials take a ride in Elon Musk’s California tunnel

The demo previewed technology vital to Musk’s O’Hare Express project, but many questions still remain.

Boring Company shows off first O’Hare Express hardware

Elon Musk’s tunneling firm is "getting ready for Chicago."

Drilling to begin in ‘3 to 4 months’ on Elon Musk’s O’Hare Express

Chicago will be the first real, ‘useful’ example of The Boring Company’s technology

This stream has:

Elon Musk’s O’Hare Express: Everything you need to know

The Boring Company is building a 12-minute train from Block 37 to O’Hare airport

Elon Musk’s company wins contract to build high-tech O’Hare express

Autonomous pods will zoom between the Loop and the airport in just 12 minutes.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company selected to compete for O’Hare express project

The SpaceX and Tesla owner has futuristic ideas for Chicago

Elon Musk’s Boring Company one of four firms vying to build O’Hare Express

The proposed high-speed rail link between O’Hare and downtown Chicago just took another step forward.

Elon Musk will answer call to build Chicago’s high-speed ‘O’Hare Loop’

The entrepreneur’s Boring Company is officially on board

City of Chicago seeks partner firms for high-speed O’Hare express train

The Emanuel administration is taking a big step towards realizing the long-discussed megaproject

Could Elon Musk crack Chicago’s elusive O’Hare express train?

Mr. Musk’s company suggests linking Chicago’s Loop and O’Hare International Airport via 125 mph underground "sleds."

Open thread: How would the O'Hare express train work?

What do you think the proposed Downtown-O’Hare connector look like?

Chicago Takes Step Towards O’Hare High-Speed Train

The city has selected an engineering firm to conduct its initial feasibility study

Chicago Exploring High-Speed O'Hare to Downtown Rail Link