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Cozy, quaint Old Town Triangle cottage wants $950K

Fans of historic Chicago housing stock will find a lot to like here

VHT Studios

The Old Town Triangle between the affluent Lincoln Park and Gold Coast neighborhoods is typically a pricey area. But for the money, you’re getting homes with a lot of historic charm and character. Take for instance this three-bedroom, two-bathroom house on Menomonee Street—it’s got really great bones. Updated in the early ‘80s, the house does feature finishes that feel retro, specifically the track lighting, the full-wall mirrors in the living room, and blank white kitchen cabinets, but there’s a lot of potential here.

The charm factor goes into overdrive in the back yard area, which features lush green landscaping. Fans of historic Chicago homes will certainly find a lot to like here. While the house’s exterior is protected, buyers will be able to perform interior renovations and updates. The price tag is certainly reflective for the area, as the house is seeking a cool $950,000.