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Posh Trump Tower penthouse shaves $600K off asking price

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Located on the 87th floor, this spacious unit offers incredible skyline views

One of the priciest residential listings in Chicago has returned once again with a reduced ask. Decked out with fully customized finishes, the penthouse unit on the tower’s 87th floor is not only one of the city’s priciest, but it’s also one of Chicago’s most post. And in addition to its highly stylized interiors, the unit features a floor plan which curves around the tower, offering incredible skyline views from virtually every room.

There are only a handful of pricier residential listings in Chicago, with massive Burling Street mansion holding down the top spot with an equally enormous $50 million asking price. The Trump Tower unit first entered the market a year ago seeking $12.7 million, then took its first price chop in March. It returns yet again but this time with a cool $600,000 shaved off of its last list price bringing the new ask to $11.9 million.