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Logan Square house with serious basement bar asks $750K

With a non-offensive aesthetic combined with a full bar, this is a house that many couples can compromise on

Be Realty, LLC

Here’s a house that picky partners could probably compromise on. What appears to be your average Chicago single family home from the exterior actually has some really secrets inside. Specifically, we’re getting at the full bar in the basement. And by full bar, it’s truly a real bar complete with a draft tap and row of bar stools. There’s even an arcade cabinet and neon light for the full effect.

When you head upstairs though, you’re back in your standard, non-offensive residence with room for a growing family. There’s five bedrooms with three and a half bathrooms spread over 2,100 square feet here, so there’s enough room for each family member to have their own dwelling. To top it off, there’s also a lovely deck and backyard area.

With a location on Fairfield Avenue between Fullerton and Logan Boulevard, this one is within walking distance of transit and Logan Square’s numerous restaurants and bars. And with a location in popular Logan Square, expect a Logan Square price. This one is seeking $750,000.