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Brutish West Town contemporary house seeks $1.275M

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This dark, broad-shouldered house is fully loaded

VHT Studios

In many ways, the brawny contemporary is to the greater West Town area what the French chateau-inspired mansion is to Lincoln Park. Both styles are very distinct looking and both are marketed at a wealthier clientele. Generally, these homes are also quite large and fully loaded with contemporary features and luxury amenities.

This large house on North Rockwell is a prime example of the almost brutish looking contemporaries that have sprouted up around the West Town area in recent years. With broad shoulders that span the lot line, this large single family house would likely be a multi-unit development if it were proposed or built in another neighborhood. The house sports an exterior facade with mixed materials, but its dark, monolithic appearance has an almost brutish quality to it. However, it’s far less imposing when it’s staged and filled with furnishings.

Built in 2011, this house last sold for just under $750,000 after it was completed. It features numerous upscale amenities such as a large gas fireplace in the main level living room, a lower level rec room with kitchenette, and a sprawling outdoor deck with built-in fire pit and gas grill.

This spacious West Town house listed earlier this year seeking $1.299 million but returns this week with a slight drop and new asking price of $1.275 million.