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A permastoned residence in Bronzville with a storied history for $415K

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This freshly renovated home may have at one time served as a hotel

Here’s an interesting one. Behind the permastone and builder-grade finishes may be a very unique and important heritage. According to the listing agent, this house once served as a hotel to Bronzeville’s historic Sunset Cafe, a popular venue which helped launch the careers of many jazz artists during the bebop age. Its location just steps away from the former Sunset Cafe could certainly help corroborate the story, but a quick look around online doesn’t produce anything beyond more real estate listings.

Of course, any history the building may have had as a hotel component to the old Sunset Cafe is long gone. This single family home has been thoroughly rehabbed and is seeking a contract. The house, which features five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms spanning over 3,300 square feet, boasts all new finishes and appliances over three levels.

According to records, the overhauled house first listed last October seeking $549,000. Over the following months, it took a few price reductions before settling at $399,000 by March. Just a few days after dipping below the $400K threshold, it was under contract. However, the deal appears to have fallen through and this one returns with a slight price bump taking the ask up to $415,000.