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Here’s what $85K gets in Irving Park right now

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This is the only residence in Irving Park listed for under $100,000

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Prices throughout the city’s northwest side are going up—for both rental and for-sale properties. More national outlets are discovering Avondale and are declaring that the neighborhood is set to take off. Developers are also rushing in to stake their claim in the area by proposing a flood of new mixed-use projects for popular corridors along Belmont and Milwaukee avenues.

It’s the same story we’ve all seen happen in Wicker Park and more recently in Logan Square—eventually a neighborhood hits critical popularity and then it’s on to the next one. Housing prices also reflect the demand to live in these neighborhoods and before you know it, the neighborhood can completely change within a few years.

Avondale had been the affordable destination for those priced out of Logan Square, but now that Avondale is quickly changing, what’s next? If you follow Milwaukee Avenue, the Blue Line, and the Kennedy Expressway, it’ll lead you to Irving Park. It’s a residential area known for its inventory of older, larger homes, but there are still some great affordable options available.

There are a handful of listings priced around $150,000 and under, but only one residence in the area currently listed under the $100,000 mark. You’re not getting anything fancy here, but for $85,000, it’s hard to complain about this one-bedroom on Berteau Avenue. Finishes are super basic and its got radiator heat. But it’s also within reach for a lot of would-be homebuyers who can no longer afford other nearby neighborhoods.