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Buying a Home in Chicago

Savvy strategies for setting a budget, securing a mortgage, and finding the right home for you.

Should you buy a home in Chicago in 2020?

We surveyed a broad group of housing experts—real estate agents, residential developers, and housing policymakers—to hash out what it means to buy in Chicago right now.

Want the Chicago loft of your dreams? Look at these 5 neighborhoods.

Enjoy open floorplans, high ceilings, exposed brick, raw concrete, or timber beams.

Where to live in Chicago in 2020

Take the worry out of home hunting with seven neighborhoods worth checking out this year.

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Should you move to Chicago?

Everything you need to know to help you decide whether to put down roots.

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11 great Chicago starter homes for sale right now

These Chicago pads are perfect for first-time home buyers.

The Curbed Chicago moving guide

Everything you need to know to make the city your home

It’s still cheaper to rent than buy in Chicago

But rents are increasing faster than wages.

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How buying a house activated all of my anxieties

Purchasing a home means phone calls—and late-night worries about gentrification.

Where to live if you’d rather buy than rent

Renting in Chicago is more popular than ever, but there are areas where buying a home is worth your consideration.

How to pick a neighborhood in Chicago

First, learn the layout of the city—there’s more than the lakefront—and then figure out what’s important.

What does improved transit actually mean for Chicago home prices?

While convenience to public transportation is a well-established selling point, a new report explores its real monetary value in Chicago and other US cities.