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Ten-story residential mid-rise planned for Jefferson Street

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The plan seeks a zoning variation to deliver 69 residences with just five parking spaces

315 S. Jefferson Street
Google Street View

A developer is seeking a special use zoning variation to build a new 10-story residential mid-rise with 69 residences near Union Station. While the size of the building for 315 S. Jefferson would be allowed under the existing DX-7 zoning, the applicant is seeking a variance to reduce the parking from the standard 1:1 ratio of one space per residence to just five total parking spaces. According to a letter from the applicant’s attorney sent to nearby residents, the applicant is Hail Investments, LLC while the property’s owner is Joseph Cacciatore & Company.

Detailed plans and elevations have not been made public as the proposal has not yet been introduced to the City Council. In addition, the letter sent to residents within 1,000 feet of the proposed site on Jefferson does not specify what type of residences are planned for the site. Considering the location, the plan for the ten-story building could very well be traditional market-rate rentals or perhaps even student housing.

Google Maps

The planned residential mid-rise would replace what is currently a surface parking lot located between two lower density vintage buildings. Across the street is the new JeffJack apartment block which was completed two years ago. Nearby, Union Station is preparing to undergo a major multi-phase, multi-tower overhaul which is expected to feature over 3 million square feet of mixed-use space and dozens of new residences.

The applicant’s attorney could not be immediately reached for to comment on the plans for 315 S. Jefferson.