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New residence hall and academic center landing on UIC campus

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The University of Illinois at Chicago’s new complex will reportedly cost $100 million to construct

UIC via the Tribune

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) will build a new academic and student dormitory complex for its downtown campus. The project will be one of the biggest for the university in years, the Chicago Tribune highlights. The news of UIC’s new $100 million facility comes as competing higher education institutions around Chicago, such Columbia College, DePaul University, the University of Chicago, and Northeastern Illinois University continue expanding their footprints and updating their campuses with new buildings.

According to the Tribune, the planned facility will feature a 10-story mid-rise segment which will have room for 550 beds while a shorter academic wing will split off from the side. Renderings from an unidentified architect reveal a glassy, almost modular aesthetic. Based on background building in the rendering, it appears that the new complex will be built over what is currently a surface parking lot on the northeast corner of Morgan and Harrison streets.

The plan appears to be moving forward as proposed as the Tribune indicates that construction is expected to begin this December. Construction will continue through 2018 with a targeted completion period of summer 2019.