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Major distribution and warehouse complex proposed for Pullman

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The project’s developer suggests that the industrial park could bring 1,000 jobs to Pullman

An aerial rendering of the proposed distribution complex for Pullman.
Ryan Companies

Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood on the far South Side has witnessed a steady trickle of big industrial developments over the last few years, but a new plan from developer Ryan Companies could be one of the biggest yet. The Minneapolis-based developer has formally announced plans to construct an industrial park which could span over 50 acres and bring 1,000 much needed jobs to the area.

The proposal, dubbed “Pullman Crossings,” would reshape a large stretch of land located adjacent to I-94 and Woodlawn Avenue. According to a press release from Ryan Companies, the developer claims that the site is the “largest undeveloped land site within 20 minutes of the Chicago Loop.” According to Ryan Companies, the new warehouse and distribution park could deliver a number of new industrial buildings which would total up to 1.2 million square feet of useable space.

The developer not only highlights the property’s location and proximity to Chicago’s central business district, but it also highlights the number of other major additions to Pullman Park in recent years, such as the new stores from Wal-Mart, Ross Dress for Less, Planet Fitness, and Advocate Health Care. In addition, Whole Foods is currently constructing their own distribution hub in Pullman. When completed, the Whole Foods project will span 140,000 square feet and will create 150 jobs.

Ryan Companies
Ryan Companies

In terms of economic output, Ryan Companies suggests that its Pullman Crossings industrial complex could generate more than $100 million in new investment in the area—a figure which dwarfs the $30 million that soap manufacturer Method spent on building their new factory for the area. The prospect for the new industrial complex could also add further bolster Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s case to bring Amazon’s second headquarters to Chicago.

Similar to the Method and Whole Foods projects, Ryan Companies will tap into one of Pullman’s tax increment financing funds to complete their Pullman Crossings complex. Located in the North Pullman TIF district, the proposal could receive millions in public dollars to see its construction.