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Southport Corridor mixed-user returns with changes

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The latest iteration for 3647 N. Southport ditches balconies and chops the height down by one level

3647 N. Southport Avenue
Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson

A plan for a new mixed-use development along the Southport Corridor has returned with some aesthetic changes. Initially unveiled last autumn, the plan from developer Seminary Properties & Management sought to replace two existing structures at 3647-49 N. Southport Avenue with a new five-story masonry building. The plan initially called for 21 apartments and nearly 2,500 square feet of ground-level retail space with only six parking spaces. However, the proposal has since been tweaked and returns as a four-story building with 18 units with five vehicle parking spaces. The ground-level retail space remains the same at nearly 2,500 square feet.

One noticeable change is the removal of the street-facing balconies that were a part of the initial plan. In addition, the ground-level has been reimagined to feature larger windows for retail tenants. Renderings from the firm Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson show a similar masonry construction, but with more ornamental banding than initially conceived.

While the project has been on the table for some time now, the latest updates suggest that the developer has been working behind the scenes with community members and 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney on changes to the plan.



Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson
The new development would replace a one-story retail building and a two-story flat.
Google Street View