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New apartments and retail on tap for Roscoe Village

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A new four-story transit-oriented development is landing at 3462 N. Lincoln Avenue

STL Architects
STL Architects

Another transit-oriented development is on its way to the Roscoe Village neighborhood. The plan, which will deliver 18 new apartments with only eight parking spaces near the Paulina Brown Line station, was green-lit by the Chicago City Council last summer. And as of this week, the developers have been granted a permit to begin constructing the new four-story masonry building.

According to the paperwork filed by the city, the new transit-oriented development comes from a partnership composed of developers Chris Fifield and Dimitri Nassis. The architecture firm Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson was initially tapped for the planning and design for the development. SGW’s red brick and steel design has since been replaced with a dark brick and precast construction from STL Architects.

The new development, which is just steps from the Brown Line, will replace what was previously a single-story yellow brick commercial building. In addition to residential units, the new 50-foot-tall building from Fifield and Nassis will also include around 2,800 square feet of ground-level retail space.

The existing one-story building at 3462 N. Lincoln Avenue.
Google Street View

The new apartment block isn’t the first transit-oriented development for Roscoe Village and it’s likely not going to be the last. However, despite the ongoing discussion regarding the merits of transit-oriented development, the Roscoe Village area has not seen nearly as much new construction as other hot neighborhoods like Logan Square and Wicker Park.

Here’s a more comprehensive look at what will be replacing the single-story structure at 3462 N. Lincoln Avenue:

STL Architects
STL Architects
STL Architects