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Five-story transit-oriented development slated for Western Avenue

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The plan’s developer seeks to bring 37 apartments and new retail near the popular 606 trail

MCZ Development

The Milwaukee Avenue development boom continues into another summer with a new proposal for a few dozens new apartments near the popular 606 trail. According to DNAinfo, a proposal for a new five-story transit-oriented development at 1741 N. Western Avenue was introduced in the City Council back in July. The plan comes from Michael Lerner’s MCZ Development, which seeks 37 apartments at the site. The proposal does not include any ground-level retail space, and as a TOD, will feature just seven total vehicle parking spaces.

Of the 37 apartments planned for the location, four apartments will be reserved as affordable units as per the city’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO). While the ARO allows developers to “buy out” of having the required affordable units on site by paying into the Affordable Housing Opportunity Fund, the development team iterates that the units will be available on site in the zoning application summary. In addition, the notes indicate that four units planned for the development will be accessible.

MCZ Development

The new TOD, which renderings suggest could be called St. Paul Western Lofts, will be constructed of of mixed materials. Renderings from Pro-Plan Architects depict a building with slate panel siding for the first and fifth floor while the middle levels will be faced with brick. However, to make way for the new development, an existing yellow brick multi-unit building will be demolished. In addition, renders show green roof spaces on the second and fifth levels.

Despite the proposals pending presence in the City Council, Ald. Waguespack’s office tells DNAinfo that details are still being discussed.

The existing building at 1741 N. Western Avenue
Google Street View