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A clearer look at Sheridan and Broadway’s upcoming mixed user

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Dubbed Viridian on Sheridan, the new development will deliver 100 new apartments by next year

Hirsch Associates
A Google Street View image of the site captured a year ago.
Google Street View

While a new mixed-user for Lakeview was cleared for construction several months ago, the developer behind the project has unveiled more info and a more refined look at the building via a promotional website and marketing materials for the ground-level commercial spaces. The latest renderings, which Chicago Cityscape recently uncovered, show more or less the same design as previously displayed by the developer, but highlight changes and refinements made the development.

Known as Viridian on Sheridan, the new development will deliver 100 new rental units and just over 3,000 square feet of new retail space to the northeast corner of the Broadway and Sheridan intersection. Being a transit-oriented development, the new project will feature only 59 parking spaces.

Designed by Hirsch Associates, the building features a red brick masonry and glass exterior on one side with a steel and glass facade on the other. One retail space will face the Broadway and Sheridan intersection, while the other will face Broadway.

According to the development’s official marketing materials, the completed apartment units and retail spaces are expected to be delivered next year.