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Construction finally begins on long-planned Logan Square apartment block

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The upcoming six-story development will deliver 138 apartments by next autumn

Studio 222 Architects

More than three years after the proposal for new apartments and retail at 2340 N. California Avenue first surfaced, the project’s developers have finally broken ground. According to developers Hunt Investment Management and Savoy Development, workers have finally begun constructing a new six-story building at the site. The project, which currently does not have a formal name or branding yet, will eventually deliver 138 apartments, 44 vehicle parking spaces, and roughly 9,000 square feet of ground floor retail space to the booming Logan Square neighborhood by fall 2018.

While it was proposed around the same time as other nearby transit-oriented developments that have been completed and open for at least several months, the plan to develop on California had experienced a number of alterations and setbacks since it was introduced in April 2014. Originally dubbed “California Studios,” the plan from Savoy Development sought a dense 66-unit project with 63 units being studio apartments. But despite getting approval to build a scaled back 52-unit development in March 2015 and surrounding the site in construction fencing just days later, movement abruptly halted shortly after.

Studio 222 Architects

Instead, Savoy Development returned seeking even greater density for the site, and returned in April 2016 with a new plan to build the current plan for 138 units and 44 parking spaces in the form of a six-story building. In addition to the height bump and increase in unit count, the proposal also included a 2,500-square-foot public park on the corner of the property closest to Milwaukee Avenue.

And while the green exterior treatment has been ditched in favor of a more neutral grey motif, the development will feature other green amenities and decorations. The new mixed-user comes with a design by Studio 222 Architects seeks a LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council and will also feature room for 138 bicycles.

In terms of unit breakdown, the new development will feature 20 affordable housing apartments while 118 will be rented at market rate.