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Rent a River West studio with a futuristic robotic furniture system

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Avenir is the first building to have the MIT-created technology

A room with modular furniture at Avenir. Photo courtesy of Ori

New apartments are plentiful, but square footage is shrinking in new buildings. This recently opened River West rental tower is offering a futuristic solution: an all-in-one robotic furniture system.

At Avenir, located at 730 N. Milwaukee Avenue, there are 45 smart suites with the high-tech system designed by Ori—a company founded by MIT researchers. There’s a module with a sliding full-size bed, storage space, TV nook, and entertainment center. You reconfigure the room into three different layouts with the touch of a button on the system itself, with a mobile app, or through voice control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

So, what’s the price tag on these luxury smart studios? Rent ranges from $1,740 to $1,855. Other studios in the building without the robotic furniture will run between $1,155 to $1,555.

Here’s a preview of what the studios look like at Avenir.

Pretty sweet, right?

Right now, Avenir is the only rental building that Ori has partnered with to offer the robotic furniture system. A few years ago, the company ran a prototype in one apartment at MODE in Logan Square and there’s another demo unit at NEMA in the South Loop.

Another trendy amenity at Avenir (which, by the way, means future in French) is the top-floor coworking lounge. There’s also an outdoor pool, gym, and kitchen on the fifth floor. Plus, a bike storage room with easy access to the highly traveled bike lanes along Milwaukee Avenue.