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Dallas Keuchel, new pitcher for Chicago White Sox, buys $2 million house in Lakeview

That’s not too far from Wrigley Field

A dining room with a large table, countertop, and window. Photo by VHT Studios

Chicago White Sox newcomer Dallas Keuchel paid $2.14 million for a home in Lakeview near the Southport Corridor, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The brand new single-family home was finished in 2019 and has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It features an open layout with contemporary black and white finishes, an expansive kitchen with a waterfall-edge island, and abundant outdoor space (rooftop deck plus backyard space).

Of course, it comes with the luxury amenities a pro ballplayer would require: a massive master suite, heated floors, a modern fireplace, and a rec room built out with a bar.

Keuchel signed with the White Sox in late December with a three-year, $55.5 million contract. He comes from the now-discredited 2017 Houston Astros’ Series-winning team.

The home purchase is a bit unusual because it’s one of the higher priced homes bought by a White Sox player.

However, the most expensive sale? That was Hall of Famer Frank Thomas’ custom-built Oak Brook mansion in 2003 for $7.95 million, according to the Tribune. Other million dollar homes owned by White Sox players include: Paul Konerko’s Lincoln Park mansion bought in 2006 for $2.9 and Jim Thome’s Burr Ridge mansion bought for $4.6 million in 2012.