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The Krause Music Store is for sale. What will happen to this Louis Sullivan landmark?

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It’s listed for $2.9 million

There are only six Louis Sullivan buildings designated as Chicago landmarks—and now one of them is for sale on Lincoln Avenue.

The Krause Music Store in Lincoln Square features a stunning green terracotta facade with a contrasting black and white tiled entryway. It’s a small work and Sullivan’s last commission, but still it showcases the precision and attention to detail that made the architect famous. He was known for his own brand of elaborate terracotta ornamentation—what’s now called Sullivanesque style.

The current owners, Peter and Pooja Vukosavich, ran marketing firm Studio V Design out of the first floor for 13 years.

“We’ve always been fans of stunning architecture and we love this neighborhood. So we couldn’t believe our luck in finding this gem in 2005,” they wrote on the home’s for sale site. “It’s time to look for the next owner who will take care of this precious piece of Chicago history.”

The owners are asking $2,900,000.

But even if you don’t have that much in the bank, there are other ways to see some of Sullivan’s last remaining works. The most impressive being the Auditorium Theatre with its hulking stone exterior and delicate gold stencil work inside. Another example: The Carson Pirie Scott building. There, the exterior ornamentation is so curly and detailed it looks organic (the building is now referred to as the Sullivan Center and houses a Target store).