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On 100th day, Lightfoot recaps progress and commits to prioritizing affordable housing

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The mayor and her transition team met at Kenwood Academy on the South Side

A black woman with a serious expression and short grey hair in a beige jacket sits in a chair against a reddish brown wall next to an U.S flag partially in view.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has spent 100 days in office, but there’s no “victory lap” yet she said at a Wednesday morning event held at Kenwood Academy.

The mayor gathered her transition team and reviewed the progress her administration has made in the past few months. To an audience of city officials and other Lightfoot supporters, the mayor also announced priorities moving forward which included making affordable housing more accessible.

Here’s a rundown of the housing, development, and city policies the mayor has worked to make more inclusive and transparent since she took the top position:

There is still a lot Lightfoot has to work on, and some community activists don’t think the mayor has done enough so far for housing, homelessness, and other development-related issues.

Moving forward, a major priority will be planning our the city’s short- and long-term finances. Lightfoot also wants to expand mental health and trauma services in every neighborhood, build more affordable housing, and pass a $15 minimum wage.