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More than 1 million people will fly through Chicago airports Labor Day weekend

Expect lots of traffic before the long holiday weekend

A glass-dome massive hallway at an airport with gates in the distances. International flags decorate columns up top near the skylight.
O’Hare terminal.

Airlines are predicting that 1.4 million passengers will travel through both O’Hare and Midway airports during Labor Day weekend from Thursday, August 29th to Monday, September 2nd.

Most of those people, 1.1 million, will go through O’Hare while about 292,000 will stop at Midway throughout the weekend, according to a news release from the Department of Aviation.

The busiest day to fly will be Friday, so if you’ve already made travel plans just be prepared. Midway has a reputation for being a bare bones airport, but its getting better. And, O’Hare is massive, so unless you’re comfortable in insanely busy places, it’ll feel chaotic. On Friday, Midway is expected to have a total of 59,704 travelers and O’Hare about 263,932.

If a road trip is in the cards, leaving bright and early is a good call. The Illinois Tollway predicts 8 million vehicles to pass through the 294-mile roadway system Friday through Tuesday, September 3, according to the agency. Once again, the heaviest travel day is Friday when up to 2 million cars could be on the road.