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Prepare for construction to slow service on Blue, Green, Pink lines

Plan ahead as the weekend slows down

While planning the weekend, factor in major work on the CTA’s Blue, Pink, and Green lines this weekend. The construction on the three lines are aimed at improving service and are part of long-term projects.

On the Blue Line, workers will upgrade signals, switches, and other infrastructure so that more trains can run on the busy O’Hare line, according to a statement from the agency. This work will start Friday evening until early Monday and suspend service from Jefferson Park to Harlem. There will be shuttles between the two stations, but Blue line riders should be aware that apps might not provide accurate timing.

Beginning next week on the Blue Line, from Monday, August 26 to August 29 the Belmont Blue Line station will close from 9:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. to let crews finish track work. Trains will bypass the station in both directions.

As for the Green and Pink Line, rail service between Ashland and Clark/Lake will stopped so that older sections of the track can be replaced and slow zones removed.

In addition, the track work will impact traffic by closing Lake Street between Halsted and Canal streets. Clinton Street is open to local traffic and Jefferson Street is open to through traffic.