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Built in 1908, a renovated Humboldt Park home lists for $510K

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A former industrial-looking building gets a modern upgrade

A grey one-story brick building with a huge window faces to a brick-paved outdoor patio enclosed by a a grey brick wall and red fencing with leafy plantings and two tall shady trees. Photos courtesy of RE/MAX City listing agent Hector Acevedo.

It’s not quite a workers cottage or a traditional brick flat, but this cute single-story home built in 1908 was fully renovated into a minimalist, bright live-work space. It has a landscaped retreat in the private backyard, but is also a few blocks from Humboldt Park’s 207 acres.

The home comes with 13-foot ceilings, new bamboo flooring, and spacious office with a floor-to-ceiling window. The front of the home is a long open kitchen, living room, and dining room area. The are a few large windows towards the entrance, but an expansive three-window skylight maximizes the natural light.

Towards the back of the home is a bedroom, walk-in closet, double-vanity bathroom, and an office facing the green backyard and long grave driveway. There’s a minimal sliding door that separates the two spaces which could both be used as bedrooms instead of a live-work space as its currently set up. The backyard is private, it’s fenced in all the way to the curb and surrounded by a few tall trees. It’s just a few blocks from the 606 too.

Is this home your style? Located at 1619 N. Sawyer Ave. it’s listed for $510,000. That’s nearly three times what it sold for in 2013.

A long, open room with white walls, light wood flooring, and minimal furniture. A skylight shines over a six-seat dining room table with a small couch and sits against the entrance’s wall.
A full rehab included new bamboo flooring and white walls.
Star-like light fixtures hang from the ceiling on either side of a low platform bed with two end white end tables and a white Ikea dresser. To the left, a view of the office through the sliding pocket doors.
The bedroom has 13-foot ceilings.
In the corner of the home, a large window brings light into a black kitchen with a large combination island and three-seat breakfast bar.
A contrasting black kitchen.
A small office at the back of the home includes two large windows, a white L-shaped desk with a Mac desktop and black printer. A filing cabinet and long white coffee table with art books are also in the room.
The office looks out onto the lush backyard.
Green leafy plants, pint flowers. and long vines in potted plants sit underneath six tall trees shading a paved patio and gravel driveway.
An inviting backyard space.