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Use one app to find every scooter in Chicago

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You don’t need 10 scooter apps on your phone

One of the questions most Chicagoans had when they heard the news that scooters had hit the pavement: Do I really have to download 10 apps? Not anymore thanks to the Transit app.

As part of the pilot program the city is evaluating 10 different companies, each with 250 electric dockless scooters, until October 15. In order to ride, a user must download the vendor’s app, sign up, input credit card information (or authorize Apple Pay), and then unlock the scooter.

Keeping all 10 apps on your phone takes up a lot of storage space and flipping through each one to find an available scooter gets irritating. So, that’s where Transit comes in.

Through Transit, users can open a map and see all the scooters near them. Tapping on an icon will show the brand, battery life, and how long it’ll take to walk to the location. Users must still have the scooter company’s app to unlock a ride, but can click through Transit to launch it automatically.

The trip planning feature also shows Divvy bikes stations, rideshares, buses, L trains, and Metra. Logging into those accounts through the Transit app lets residents unlock bikes, buy public transit passes, and call rideshares all within the one place.

All of that makes getting around easier, and that’s exactly the point. Collecting all the modes of city transportation and displaying them in one digital place encourages people to rely on all parts of the city, rather than just one app. A 2017 study found that housing options together like Transit does increases ridership of public transportation and reduces single-occupancy vehicles, reported Government Technology magazine.