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After heatwave and thunderstorms, Chicago temps will cool off to low 60s

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Monday’s weather is the coolest the city has been in 10 days

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After extreme weather last week—a heatwave, severe thunderstorms, hail, flooding—the forecast ahead will be much quieter.

Monday temperatures are in the high 60s which is the coolest the city’s been in 10 full days, according to the National Weather Service Chicago. For the rest of the week, more chilly days are ahead in Chicago, and in Illinois some areas could see temps dip into the mid-50s.

After the torrential downpour of rain a few days ago, the water level at Lake Michigan is at a near-record high which prompted a Lake Shore Flood Advisory until Tuesday. In addition, strong north winds have created dangerous swimming conditions with the possibility of 5- to 7-foot waves.

Over the weekend, Chicago experienced a heatwave that brought in high heat and humidity. At O’Hare the top temperature was 95 degrees, and at Midway 97 degrees. Heat indices peaked at 107 and 112, respectively.

The only weather record broken in Chicago was for the daily high minimum temperature on Friday. The low for that day was 81 degrees, which topped 78 degrees that was set on July 19, 2011.

The heatwave ended late Saturday afternoon when a fast-moving, heavy thunderstorm and strong winds blew across the city. Temperatures abruptly dropped, and soon parts of the city were caught in a downpour. The severe storm caused Pitchfork organizers to temporarily evacuate the music festival in Union Park.

With clear skies ahead and moderate summer temperatures, it’s a perfect time to explore the city, bring your pup to the dog park, or rent a boat (when the waves die down, of course).