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Google Maps now shows Divvy stations and the number of bikes available

Chicago is one of 24 cities that displays real time bikeshare data on the popular navigation app


Chicagoans using the city’s Divvy bikeshare system can now turn to the convenience of Google Maps to track down their next ride. The popular navigation app now allows users to search for Divvy stations as well as see the number of bikes and available docking spots in real-time.

Following a successful debut test in New York City over the past year, Google brought integrated bikeshare functionality to 23 more cities across the globe, including Chicago. The company says it plans to bring the feature to other metropolitan areas in the future.

Google Maps shows the location of each Divvy station. Users can tap on a station and see how bikes and docking spaces are available.
Screen grab via Google Maps

While Google Maps allows you to easily search for nearby stations, it currently lacks a “ride planning” option that automatically selects a route between the stations closest to your current location and your intended destination. For that, the official Divvy app is still your best bet.

Google’s new station-tracking feature will be especially handy in areas of Chicago’s South and West sides where Divvy plans an to add 175 docks and 10,500 electric-assisted bikes by 2021. The e-bikes provide an electronic motorized boost to complement traditional pedaling and can be docked at a Divvy station or any other legal bike parking location.

On Monday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, CDOT, and Divvy parent company Lyft announced a series of South Side events to engage residents, test out e-bikes, and collect feedback. “This community tour will allow us to hear from residents on how to build the best network for Divvy bikes, making it a more accessible transportation option across all neighborhoods,” said Lightfoot, in a statement.

Chicagoans are also invited to visit Divvy’s suggest-a-station webpage to share ideas for where they would like to see the service offered.