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Dense fog turns Chicago into a dreamy, floating cityscape

Forget the wind, we’re the Foggy City now.


Well, so far June hasn’t brought as much warm weather as Chicagoans had hoped. The constant rain, low temperatures, cloudy skies, and thick fog are all a bit unusual for the city. At least at the beginning of summer.

The rainy weather pattern we’ve been stuck in since spring has caused the ground to stay wet—and all that moisture affects the air. “Cool weather and fog go hand in hand,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Todd Kluger. The spring rainfall is partially to blame for the chilly start to the summer, he said.

For anyone who lives or works downtown, it’s hard not to stare at the eerie fog rolling between buildings and hiding the top half of skyscrapers. We’ve rounded up some photos of the fog that show a disappearing Vista Tower, a hazy Lake Michigan shoreline, and a misty view over the Chicago River bridges. Here’s what it’s looked like downtown this past week.