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Pride Parade 2019: Everything you need to know

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Find the route, start time, and street closures for Chicago’s 50th annual Pride Parade

Chicago Pride Parade.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Chicago’s Pride Parade, one of the biggest events in the summer. All throughout the month of June there are LGBTQ events, parties and celebrations. Plus, Boystown just installed rainbow crosswalks.

The weekend before Pride Parade, there’s a two-day Pride Fest in Boystown which features four music stages, drag shows, and food trucks. Alternatively, there is Little Villages’ Dyke March, Andersonville’s Back Lot Bash, and Glenwood’s Pride North.

Thousands will be celebrating the LGBTQ community all month and about 1 million people are expected to attend Chicago’s Pride Parade at noon on Sunday, June 30. Here’s everything you need to know.

When is Pride Parade in Chicago?

The parade happens noon Sunday, June 30th and kicks off at Broadway and Montrose Avenue traveling from Buena Park to Boystown and then Lakeview.

What is the route?

The parade begins at the intersection of Broadway and Montrose. It will head south on Broadway to Halsted, then east on Belmont, then south on Broadway, and east on Diversey to Cannon Drive.

Where can I watch the parade?

Anywhere along the parade route is great, but we recommend the blocks on Broadway and Halsted in the heart of Boystown.

The Red and the Brown Lines are the best way to get to the parade route, shown here in green.
Chicago Transit Authority

What’s the best way to get there?

Take the CTA Red Line and get off at Wilson, Sheridan, Addison, or Belmont stations or the Brown Line at Belmont, Wellington or Diversey.

Know that the Belmont top usually becomes the most crowded. There will be extra service the day of the parade across the Red, Orange, Brown, and Blue lines. The CTA recommends buying fares in advance to avoid long lines.

Lakefront bus routes will be operating and will make it easy to get to the parade location from north neighborhoods or downtown. Try No. 146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express and No. 151 Sheridan.

Buses that will be rerouted include: No. 8 Halsted, No. 22 Clark, No. 36 Broadway, No. 76 Diversey, No. 77 Belmont, No. 78 Montrose, No. 151 Sheridan, No. 152 Addison. Find updated information on each route through the CTA website.

What streets will be closed and when?

The streets along the route will have rolling closures as the parade, which kicks off at noon, moves south and then east for about two to three hours. After the parade passes, the city will work to reopen streets quickly.

The assembly area and parade queue near Broadway and Montrose will close streets at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. Here is a map of these areas.

A parking ban on both sides of parade route streets will begin at 5 a.m. and last until 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Where can pedestrians cross the parade route?

If you need to cross the parade route, police officers will be assisting pedestrians at nine intersections. Here’s where you’ll be able to pass:

  • Montrose Avenue at Broadway
  • Irving Park Road at Broadway
  • Grace Street at Halsted Street
  • Addison Street at Halsted Street
  • Roscoe Street at Halsted Street
  • Wellington Avenue at Broadway
  • Aldine Street at Halsted Street
  • Cornelia Avenue at Halsted Street
  • Oakdale Avenue at Broadway

Where can I use the bathroom or find special services?

There will be portable restrooms stationed along the parade queue street near Broadway and Montrose, and also along the parade route.

For seniors or people in wheelchairs, the recommended viewing area is near 600 West Diversey. This area will be less crowded and has bathrooms for anyone with physical challenges.

Cooling buses will be stationed on:

  • Halsted Street, south of Belmont Avenue
  • Addison Street, just west of Halsted Street
  • Belmont Avenue, east of Broadway
  • Wilton Avenue north of Belmont Avenue
  • Buena Avenue, west of Broadway

Fire department first aid stations will be located at:

  • 901 West Addison Street
  • 765 West Roscoe Street
  • 3165 North Halsted Street
  • 561 West Surf Street
  • 802 West Roscoe Street

Can I watch the parade from home?

Chicago’s ABC 7 will broadcast the action from 1 to 3 p.m. The coverage will also be streamed at If you can’t watch it live, the website will make the broadcast available for later viewing on demand.