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Ukrainian Village home with over-the-top, retro wallpaper asks $1.2 million

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The three-flat is in a historic district

Photos by Vis Homes, courtesy of listing agent Wilfredo Aguilar Jr.

In Wicker Park, Hoyne Avenue is lined with beautiful trees and some of the city’s most Victorian-era mansions on Beer Baron Row. Just down the block in Ukrainian Village, this brick three-flat was built in 1907 and the green floral dining room feels like walking into a time capsule.

The home’s entrance is framed with “Romanesque” style columns and a glass-paneled door leads three separate units. Each residence has 10-foot ceilings, original oak and maple flooring, and beautiful fireplaces with detailed wooden mantels.

The owner’s unit has a pristine formal living room with white furniture and small green accents. It’s in stark contrast to the adjacent dining room decked out in detailed green floral wallpaper. The table runner, curtains and rug matching with a similar emerald pattern. A purple-pink hallway leads to a kitchen with green and white retro cabinetry. The windows here feature a collection of translucent green bottles and a beautiful piece of stained glass.

The other two units, which appear to be rented out, are in good shape. The 36-foot lot is large enough for a side garden, back patio, and two-car garage. Interested? 1041 N. Hoyne is on the market for $1,250,000.

A formal living room with a stately fireplace.
A busy, floral-patterned dining room.
You could update the kitchen, but maybe those green and white cabinets are kitschy enough to stay.
A colorful hallway and gallery wall lead to the kitchen.
Unlike the rest of the residence, the bathroom takes on a a neutral black and white theme.