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Pink and Green line repairs to remove “slow zones” will cut into weekend service

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Free shuttles will fill the gaps in service

Garfield Green Line station

Over Memorial Day weekend, the CTA began the first of 14 weekend repairs on the Pink and Green lines. The work will continue through November and free shuttles will get passengers between stations.

The service disruptions, known as “line-cuts,” started with tracks between Roosevelt and the 35th-Bronzeville-IIT station on the Green Line. More improvements will be made on the south section of the Green Line between 17th and 30th streets. Repairs are also ongoing for the Green and Pink lines between the Loop and Ashland.

The work is part of the CTA’s FastTracks program which aims to cut trip times by six minutes off the Red, Blue, Brown, and Green lines. The $179 million investment will improve electrical signals and replace deteriorated tracks that cause “slow zones.”

For now, ongoing work is happening on the Green and Pink lines, but there is work scheduled through 2021.

Other improvements include:

  • Blue Line O’Hare branch (electrical power improvements)
  • Red and Blue Line subways (State Street and Dearborn)
  • Blue Line Congress branch (Clinton to Forest Park)
  • Brown Line (between Western and Kimball)

To stay updated on when work is scheduled, residents can sign up for CTA alerts or check the agency’s website for scheduled work.