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CTA sets rough timeline for Lawrence, Berwyn station closures

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The work is part of the Red-Purple Line modernization

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The Chicago Transit Authority now has a better idea about when four Red Line stations will need to close for major reconstruction.

Lawrence and Berwyn stations will close for more than three years, but two temporary stations will open at Argyle and Bryn Mawr, according to CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase. The work is part of the CTA’s biggest project yet, the $2.1 billion Red-Purple Line modernization. It also includes the replacement of six miles of century-old track and building a rail bypass to help with congestion near the Belmont Station.

When the station work is finished, the brand new L stops will be fully accessible and bigger, similar to the work at the Wilson Red Line station which opened in 2017.

The CTA and construction firm Walsh-Fluor will soon set exact dates, but officials have started to share a general timeline with residents and businesses in the area. The agency is looking for the community to give feedback regarding their concerns about the work’s impact. A community meeting on the bypass construction is planned for July.

What’s underway right now is the utility relocation to prepare for foundation work and the finalization of the design. Here are some of the key dates and timelines so far.

  • Fall 2019 to summer 2021: Work on the bypass near the Belmont station
  • Fall 2019 to winter 2020/2021: Construction of temporary stations at Argyle and Bryn Mawr
  • Summer 2021 to summer 2024: Red and Purple Line tracks will be rebuilt between Belmont and Cornelia.
  • Winter 2020/2021 to spring 2024: Red Line stations will close for reconstruction and Argyle and Bryn Mawr stations will open. Work on tracks between Leland and Ardmore.

The project won’t shut down the Red Line station, but it will certainly cause delays. It could mean the occasional closure of other nearby stations or cause trains not to stop at every station.

The CTA has said the project will finish in 2025, and when that happens there will be four new stations and faster service on the Red Line.