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Boystown gets first rainbow crosswalks in time for Pride Parade

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The first of 14 rainbow crosswalks were painted on Halsted Street this week

The first rainbow crosswalk at Aldine Street. Photo courtesy of Eric Santiago / Northalsted Business Alliance

A mile-long stretch in Boystown started getting colorful, rainbow crosswalks on Tuesday. All 14 crosswalks will be painted by mid-June and run parallel to Halsted Street.

The Chicago Rainbow Pride Crosswalks project will link up the gold and rainbow ring pylons in Boystown between Melrose Street and Bradley Place. The pylons are more than just a neighborhood signifier. The structures include The Legacy Walk which features bronze plaques of important LGBTQ people. The corridor and pylons will soon become a city landmark.

The 14th crosswalk will be dedicated to the transgender community, and instead of rainbow stripes, it will have blue, pink and white stripes found on the transgender flag. That crosswalk will be at Melrose Street, south of Howard Brown Health Center.

Also, the clinic, which focuses on LGBTQ health, just installed a mural that honors the queer and non-binary community. It features a portrait of Chicago-based Kiam Marcelo Junio, a holistic healer and interdisciplinary artist. The piece is by artists Sandra Antongiorgi, Andy Bellomo, and Sam Kirk—and the first in a series of LGBTQ tribute murals.

The rainbow crosswalks project was funded through donations collected at Chicago Pride Fest and Northalsted Market Days. The neighborhood will celebrate the new crosswalk and landmark status to come with dedication and Pride month kick-off at 10 a.m. Thursday, May 30.

The first rainbow crosswalk gets installed at Aldine Street.
Photo by Eric Santiago / Northalsted Business Alliance

Boystown is PROUD to celebrate our Transgender Community ️‍⚧ with the inclusion of the Transgender Pride Flag at...

Posted by Chicago Rainbow Pride Crosswalks on Saturday, May 18, 2019