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Merchandise Mart’s public art projections extend to seven nights a week

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“Art on theMART” will debut revised hours and new programming on May 13

Image courtesy of Joshua Brott, Obscura Digital

Thinking that you can never have too much of a good thing, the organizers behind downtown’s public “Art on theMART” installation have announced plans to expand nightly projections from its regular schedule of Wednesday to Sunday to a full seven nights a week. Starting May 13, Chicagoans will enjoy not only new hours, but also fresh seasonal programming presented in collaboration with the city-wide 2019 Year of Chicago Theatre initiative.

The revised lineup includes new acts to artist John Boesche’s “7 soliloquies” which highlights brief solo performances from seven significant Chicago theater performers, visual artists, sound designer, and scenic designers, and puppeteers. There will also be a preview of an upcoming collaboration between scenic designer John Musial and Lucky Plush artistic director Julia Rhoads.

Spanning 2.5 acres across the riverfront facade of Chicago’s famous Merchandise Mart, Art on theMART is considered the largest permanent digital art projection in the world. It debuted last summer to a crowd of thousands of onlookers lining the Chicago Riverwalk and Wacker Drive. The installation took a hiatus in December before returning last month.