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Bright, lakefront condo in Uptown asks $149K

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A one bedroom in an elegant yellow brick building.

Photos by Positive Image, courtesy of listing agent Sohail Salahuddin, @properties

Need to be near the lakefront? For a lot of residents it’s a non-negotiable when looking for a new place to live. This lovely one-bedroom, one-bathroom Uptown condo in a gorgeous yellow brick building fills that Lake Michigan requirement nicely.

Living just minutes from Lake Michigan doesn’t mean you have to go over budget or compromise on space. The recently updated condo has a generous bedroom and large closet, a new bathroom, a kitchen with an island, and a sunny living room.

The recent upgrades include a custom herringbone-pattern backsplash, sleek black appliances, blonde cabinets to match the hardwood, and a more stylish bathroom.

This is a good location in Uptown—the building is near the Red Line, the Lakefront Trail, Montrose Beach, grocery stores and the neighborhood nightlife.

So if you are looking for a change of scenery, the newly listed home at 846 W. Ainslie Street, Unit P1 is asking just $149,900. HOA dues for the property are $268/month.

The entrance to the beautiful, older condo building.
A spacious, bright living room and hallway with storage.
The modern kitchen with a new island.
A spacious bedroom.
The bedroom has room for a large dresser and there’s a smaller hanging closet.