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Chicago forecast: Warm, cloudy weekend with rain and fog

Subzero temperatures end for now

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Goodbye Chiberia! The Arctic air, bringing record-breaking subzero temperatures, has left for now. Friday morning Chicagoans woke up to light snow and blue skies and this weekend temperatures will continue to rise with clouds, fog and rain.

Friday will still be chilly with temperatures in the 20s but much more tolerable than Wednesday’s cold weather. Saturday there’s a chance of freezing drizzle and fog in the afternoon but at least temps will be in the high 30s.

Superbowl Sunday will be cloudy with a high temperature of 47 degrees. There’s a slight chance of drizzle and fog, but after a 52-hour streak of subzero temperatures, we’ll take pretty much anything else. Monday brings more rain and clouds but temperatures in the 50s.

Going from one of the coldest days to what feels like a heatwave may feel extreme but in past years Chicago has seen even more drastic temperature ranges.

The biggest temperature rise from one day to the next was 58 degrees. On February 13, 1887 temperatures lifted from a low of 0 degrees to a high of 58 degrees. It also happened on March 10, 1972 when it was 15 degrees and then 73 degrees the next day.

The single biggest range in one day was when February 8, 1900 started out as 10 degrees and then hit 62 degrees. Local weather records have the greatest one-hour drop at 30 degrees. It went from a pleasant 71 degrees to just 41 degrees on March 26, 1908.

But the most mind-boggling record was a 22-degree drop from 84 degrees to 62 degrees in less than 2 minutes on May 9, 1963 in Grant Park.