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A greystone in Ukrainian Village with an emerald dining room asks $275K

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The light, airy kitchen has pale pink accents

A living room with a fringey light fixture above a dining room table, a rattan cabinet, and potted plants. Via listing agent Cecil Sabu at S. Hansen Realty Inc.

On the edge of Ukrainian Village near Humboldt Park, a rehabbed condo in an older greystone has just come on the market.

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom home last sold in 2017 for $250,000 and the stylish upgrades have bumped up the asking price $15,000. It’s clear the investments have gone into the most used spaces throughout the top floor condo, which includes the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

The dining room received a fresh coat of moody, emerald green that sets a cozy, calming vibe. While the kitchen is neutral with pink accents and the living room has light, blue-grey walls. There’s pretty, down-to-earth decor like a rattan cabinet, wood furniture, terracotta pots, macrame hangers, and gold light fixtures throughout the space.

Many of the light fixtures, such as the frosty pink glass shades and fringe chandelier, come from West Elm, according to the listing description. The owners also added light dimmers, crown molding, window trims, a security system, a Nest thermostat, and digital locks.

Is this your style? 925 N. Mozart Street Unit 3F is listed for $275,000.

There is a dark wood floor, white walls, open shelving with flowers, pots, and knick knacks. There is a pink back door.
The hallway to the kitchen has happy, bubble gum-colored light fixtures.
There are silver appliances, white cabinets, a light grey wall, and framed black and white photos.
The kitchen has textured cabinets and silver hardware.
There are two rows of open shelving. There is a picnic basket, books, cups, and plates stacked.
The kitchen has stylish open shelving.
There is a window with sheer curtains, a dining room table, a cabinet, and a dresser.
The dining room is an emerald green with gold accents and wood furniture.
There is a grey couch, a wood dresser with a tv, a chair and gold lamp, and a bay window.
The living room has moody green walls.