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Danish design pop-up market opens at the Hoxton Hotel for the holiday season

Find the perfect Scandinavian stocking stuffer

An image of geometric trays in sage, pink, and orange with a woman’s hand reaching for the edge.
Hay’s Kaleido trays
Photo by Samantha Parquette

The stylish Hoxton Hotel in Fulton Market is opening a pop-up market with the popular Danish design brand Hay throughout the holidays.

The pop-up, which had a soft opening on Monday, November 11, will feature trendy items from the store like the Sowden bottle, gold and silver kitchen sponges, colored glass straws, and the stackable Kaleido trays. Hay is known for its contemporary, thoughtful take on common household items and collaborations with notable designers.

Hay’s Lincoln Park store is its third U.S. location which opened in September. The husband-and-wife founders Rolf and Mette Hay admired Chicago’s reputation as a design city and manufacturing history.

Rolf told Curbed Chicago that he saw a lot of similarities between Chicago and Copenhagen, particularly the climate “so city dwellers crave furnishings and products to make their home feel warm and inviting.”

Do brightly colored toothbrushes on bathroom counter or neon, geometric kitchen towels hanging on the range make winter less dull? It appears to work for the Danes and is catching on for Americans, too.

The mini design shop adjacent to the lobby will usually be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. running until mid-February in part of the Hoxton’s new 24,000-square-foot coworking space. Everyone is welcome to shop, not just hotel guests or coworking members. The workspace, called Working From_, first opened in Chicago in November. Members work from a “place that feels like home” getting 24-hour access and all the perks of a hotel.

White metal shelves with colorful water bottles, containers, and towels. There is a geometric print hanging on the wall in a wooden frame.
More white metal shelves with Hay’s accessories and three lamps with paper shades.
A table with diamond and hexagon-shaped trays. There are stools and two-tone glass vases. There are more shelves in the back with items from the store.
A close-up of the shelve with desk items like a matching tape dispenser, stapler, and scissors. There are three glass cups with colorful pencils. Photos by Samantha Parquette