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Stay in a plant-filled hotel suite modeled after the Garfield Park Conservatory

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The Kimpton Gray rooms are inspired by conservatory houses

A room with leafy plants, a globe light and bed with embroidered blanket. Photos by Marcin Cymmer

Update: The rooms are now sold out, but the lobby features an herb-filled greenhouse where visitors will be able to add mint and other greenery to freshen up beverages.

House plants are wildly popular these days, especially cacti and succulents. It seems like more people are developing green thumbs, but what to do if that’s just not you? Get your flora fix by booking a downtown hotel room filled with plants from the Garfield Park Conservatory.

The Loop’s landmark Kimpton Gray Hotel and the Garfield Park Conservatory have partnered up to create five rooms filled with plants from the gardens and greenhouses as part of a promotion with Orbitz. The pop-up only lasts one weekend with five rooms available from October 18 to 20.

Orbitz found that 63 percent of millennial travelers wished hotel rooms had more plants. While apartments, houses, restaurants, and offices are filling up with greenery—most hotel rooms don’t have the luxury of potted plants. The same vacationers also wanted more parks, botanical gardens, and green spaces to explore during their trips.

Each room at Kimpton will be distinct and designed after the conservatory’s well-known spaces. Retreat among tropical plants in the Palm House room or admire succulents and cacti in the Desert House Room. Guests can also book the Fern Room outfitted with plants from Chicago’s prehistoric landscape or the Aroid House room with low-light rainforest greenery. Lastly, there’s the Sugar in the Sun room with sweet-smelling plants and trees, like vanilla orchids.

The rooms will also include information about each plant and how to care for them, popular plant books, and art modeled after the installations at the conservatory. Plus, guests will get aloe face masks and green juice. Anyone who gets lucky enough to snag a room will also get tickets the conservatory’s Fleurotica fashion and floral artists show on October 18.

Rates start at $368 and must be booked through Orbitz.

A hotel room with potted plants and hanging orb light. There is a throw blanket and accent pillows with leaf details.
A tropical hotel room.
The foreground shows leafy plants in every corner of the room. There are potted plants in the distance near the curtains.
A detail of the lush plants.
There are four potted cacti and one small succulent on a black night stand next to a digital clock, magazine and tv remote.
Cacti sit on the nightstand between the beds.