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Contemporary Lake Shore Drive condo lined with custom wood panels wants $925K

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The Streeterville residence received a complete makeover designed by its architect owner

A condo foyer with light wood floors, walls, sliding doors, and ceiling leading to a bright, sun-filled living room.
Sliding doors conceal closets behind an uninterrupted expanse of wood.
Photos by VHT Studios, courtesy listing agent Marlene Saint George

Perched on the 16th floor of the former American Furniture Mart building at 680 N. Lake Shore Drive, this sharp-looking Streeterville condo is decked out head to toe in custom wood panels.

According to Baird & Warner listing agent Marlene Saint George, nearly every aspect of the home was thoughtfully conceived by its architect owner, named John Hancock (no relation to the famous skyscraper at nearby 875 N. Michigan Avenue).

The designer took steps to ensure his vision remained tidy and uncompromised. “He moved all the electric outlets to the floor as to not interrupt the lines of the walls,” explains Saint George. “Even the toilet paper roll is built into the paneling, and the waste paper basket has its own dedicated spot too.”

The theme continues throughout the home in the master suite, its large dressing room, and the kitchen. The latter sports a curving U-shaped countertop with sleek minimalist cabinets and a refrigerator concealed behind a matching wood veneer. The second bedroom serves as a cozy den with a sectional couch nestled beneath built-in bookshelves made of wood (obviously).

This high level of customization, however, doesn’t exactly come cheap. The 1,550-square-foot property is currently listed for $925,000, which works out to just shy of $600 per foot. The price includes a single parking spot, but HOA fees tack on another $1,229 per month.

“The home is a work of art,” adds Saint George. “It will take a special kind of buyer—someone who can see it and understand the work that went into it.”

Wood you consider it?

A dining area with a dark wood table a leather chairs. Up two steps, it connects to a living room with multiple chairs, lamps, and art on the walls.
The millwork extends to the ceiling in the dining room, which flows into a raised seating area.
A U-shaped kitchen with a curving far wall. The counters are white and the minimalist cabinets are made of light wood.
The kitchen is lined with uninterrupted, curving rows of wood cabinets. The fridge gets a similar treatment.
A bed with white covers up against a light wood wall with two protruding nightstands topped my lamps. There is also a wooden lounge chair and a single window overlooking an urban environment.
The master bedroom features a custom room-dividing headboard with integrated floating nightstands.
A compact corner seating area with four swing-arm lamps behind. Two rows of wooden bookshelves are above.
The den includes a sectional sofa illuminated by built-in reading lights.