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Neighbors don’t want a Lincoln Yards soccer stadium, survey says

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More than half survey takers don’t approve and the alderman is expected to reject the plan

Sterling Bay

After the second community meeting at the end of November, residents weren’t sold on the Lincoln Yards megadevelopment. Alderman Brian Hopkins released another survey to collect feedback over the holiday season regarding Sterling Bay’s plan. The results? The majority of the respondents were not in favor of the 20,000-seat soccer stadium.

In an email to residents, Alderman Hopkins summarized the results of the survey so far. The feedback form is still open as of Monday, so results are still being collected. The Chicago Tribune reported Monday evening that the alderman is likely to reject the developer’s plan for a soccer stadium. He’s expected to make an announcement on Tuesday.

In regards to the proposed United Soccer League soccer stadium and entertainment venues, 53 percent of people taking the survey oppose it while only 23 support the idea and 25 percent are unsure.

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts purchased the majority stake in the soccer venue and Live Nation plans a multiple-venue entertainment district. Many people have serious concerns that the allocated parking wasn’t enough, plans for pedestrian congestion mitigation were inadequate, and the demand for a soccer venue is misplaced.

Those that took the survey also indicated that it was important to prioritize improving the area’s infrastructure, such as the Armitage-Ashland-Elston realignment and expanding the east-west connectivity across the river.

Residents acknowledged that there have been improvements to Lincoln Yard’s park and open spaces, but still want to see more of it in the proposal from Sterling Bay. This is the third survey used to gauge public opinion on the project, the results from the second survey, which 452 people answered, can still be viewed on Alderman Hopkins’s website.

When the survey closes, a more detailed look at the results will be available on the alderman’s website. However, if the meeting in November is any indication, it’ll likely reiterate neighbors’ demands for considerable changes.