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Slender Gold Coast high-rise with just 12 units revealed in new renderings

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The luxury development will contain a restaurant, private club, and a handful of high-end residences

Booth Hansen, courtesy of the 2nd Ward

This week a team of developers lifted the veil on a slender, 22-story tower proposed for a narrow Gold Coast parcel at 12-16 W. Maple Street. Developed by David Pisor and James Lasky and designed by Chicago-based architecture firm Booth Hansen, the soaring high-rise project is proposed to hold just 12 high-end residences.

Booth Hansen/2nd Ward

At its base the building would include 16 underground parking spaces topped by a restaurant, event space, and private members-only club located on levels one through six. Above that, single-floor residences occupy floors 7 through 17, joined by a duplex unit on the 18th and 19th floors. An outdoor amenity deck with a lap pool and green roof comprise the building’s crown.

The glass and stone-clad structure would replace a four-story commercial building at 12 W. Maple Street and—despite earlier indications to the contrary—the older building next door at 16 W. Maple Street. Pisor and Lasky purchased the property at 12 W. Maple for $13.1 million in 2017, Crain’s reported at the time. The duo also developed the Maple & Ash steakhouse to the proposed tower’s immediate east.

Though the site’s existing zoning can support as many as 88 residential units, the project’s 330-foot height will require a zoning change from the city. Details of the plan were revealed Tuesday night at a public meeting hosted by 2nd Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins. A zoning application for the new tower was filed with the Chicago City Clerk on Wednesday.

Booth Hansen/2nd Ward