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Contemporary Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired mansion seeks $1.75M in Burr Ridge

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The suburban home is a modern-day homage to the famous architect’s iconic Prairie School style

Photos by VHT Studios

While the Chicago area hosts some of the world’s finest early 20th century Prairie School architecture, the region also has its fair share of contemporary copycat homes, which—although not historic—are nonetheless impressive in their own right (Wright?).

Take for example this 1993 mansion located southwest of the city in suburban Burr Ridge, Illinois. The roomy five-bedroom, five-bathroom property offers 7,000 square feet of living space that draws heavily from the style pioneered by Midwestern architects including Frank Lloyd Wright.

Custom light-colored woodwork, horizontal trim, and practical built-ins are found in essentially every room. The art glass windows, flagstone fireplaces, and a barrel-vaulted living room ceiling complete the neo-Prairie look.

These rustic details are accompanied by modern conveniences like a designer chef’s kitchen and a master bathroom featuring twin oversized floating vanities. At the rear of the home, a large deck with a full outdoor dining room overlooks the property’s 2-plus-acre landscaped lot surrounded by mature trees.

Although building a highly-customized mansion can be an expensive affair, there are sometimes relative bargains to be had when buying second-hand.

Listed for $2.75 million in early 2017, this home has hopped on and off the market numerous times since, taking multiple price cuts along the way. It returned last week seeking $1.75 million—a figure well below the $2.35 million price the current owners paid for the property in 2011, according to public records.