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Connect to free Wi-Fi at Clark and Lake, more Blue Line stations soon

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It’ll be fast enough to download media


Free Wi-Fi is now available at the Clark and Lake Station downtown, and soon the city will boost up other Blue Line station with internet too.

The mayor and CTA announced the news yesterday, saying the service would be fast enough to download media—perfect if you’re headed to O’Hare and want to download a Netflix show last minute.

By the end of the month, the CTA will expand Wi-Fi to Washington, Monroe, and Jackson Blue Line stations.

In 2015 the city brought 4G wireless service to the CTA with a $32.5 million deal funded by the wireless providers. The addition of Wi-Fi is possible because of this upgrade. Currently, 22 miles of CTA tracks on the Red and Blue lines are covered by 4G service.

Will this convenience ensure no one has to look up from their phone on the CTA again? Maybe, but there’s nothing like commiserating with fellow commuters on the platform when unexpected delays hit.