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Dine and cruise along the Chicago River in a glass-enclosed boat

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The 140-foot-long Odyssey Chicago River is available for charters starting September 25

Odyssey Chicago River Experience

Starting later this month, tourists and locals will have a new way to experience the world-class architecture lining the banks of the Chicago River: a glass-roofed boat offering brunch, lunch, dinner, and cocktail-hour cruises.

The 140-foot-long Odyssey Chicago River will cater to individuals as well as private groups as large as 200. The climate-controlled vessel will offer several 2- to 3-hour cruises each day from its dock at the River Esplanade near NBC Tower.

Tickets start at $49.90 for a cocktail cruise and $109.90 for the longer dinner excursions. The latter includes a three-course meal, but customers can also splurge by adding extras like lobster tail. While there won’t be a guided narration on the Odyssey, guests can download a smartphone app if they wish to learn about Chicago’s architecture and history.

The meal service cruises were first announced in September 2017 and Odyssey Chicago River planned to start in July. However, the delayed opening date and the earliest its website will accept reservations is September 25.

The all-weather boat, under construction in Florida, will soon make it way to Chicago via the nation’s river system, according to recent report by Crain’s. The Odyssey Chicago River is operated by Entertainment Cruises, part of the Pritzker Group.

Odyssey Chicago River Experience
Odyssey Chicago River Experience