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You can now eat dinner and cruise the Chicago River in this glass-enclosed boat

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The 140-foot Odyssey Chicago River has arrived

The Odyssey Chicago River passes beneath the Wells Street bridge. Images courtesy of Entertainment Cruises

Chicagoans now have a new way to cruise through the heart of the city in style thanks to the highly anticipated launch of the glass-topped boat known as the Odyssey Chicago River.

Custom-designed and completed in Florida this summer, the climate-controlled vessel went into service on Friday and is the first of its kind to offer regular sit-down dinner cruises on the downtown waterway. The Odyssey will also provide lunch, brunch, and cocktail excursions.

Docking at the River Esplanade in front of NBC Tower, this newest addition to the Chicago River features music, dancing, and, of course, front-row views of the city’s finest architecture. The Odyssey hopes to operate year-round—although service could be impacted by extreme conditions such as heavy winter ice.

Individual tickets start at $64.90 for a cocktail cruise and $124.90 for the longer three-course dinner excursions. Prices are subject to change and exclude taxes, optional extras, and alcohol. The vessel is also available for private events such as weddings for up to 200 guests.

The Odyssey Chicago River is operated by Entertainment Cruises, part of the Pritzker Group. For tickets and more information check out the company’s website.

Image courtesy of Entertainment Cruises
Image courtesy of Entertainment Cruises