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Divvy plans to open 36 more stations citywide

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The South and West sides are getting fewer stations than expected


Divvy announced plans to add 36 stations to accommodate more people using the bike-share program. That means the company will operate around 570 stations throughout Chicago and Evanston.

On Tuesday, Divvy opened a new station at Malcolm X College. Over the next few months, stations will be added to River North, Englewood, Ukrainian Village and the Near West Side.

The colors on the map below indicate where Divvy has expanded each year. The blue shows where the company initially put stations when it launched in 2013, pink details the 2015 expansion, and green corresponds with 2016 installations. The black dots are where Divvy expects to put the 2018 stations.


A large portion of the proposed stations will go to affluent or gentrifying neighborhoods, according to Streetsblog Chicago. Officials chose the locations based on feedback from the South and West sides that indicated more Divvy stations weren’t wanted, likely because of the recent arrests in these areas for Divvy bike theft, Streetsblog said.

A CDOT consultant, Amanda Woodall, told Streetsblog: “There’s a balance between providing density in places that need more transportation resources, but also trying to ensure good service in the areas where people are already relying on the system.”

Correction: This story has been updated to show there are 36 new stations, not 38. A map of proposed station location provided by CDOT was incorrect. The agency decided against a station marked at Potomac and Noble and a new station at Aberdeen and Randolph has already been installed.